Residuals Tavern is your neighborhood bar enjoy good drinks and even better company among the likes of actors, writers, and musicians. Escape the bustling city life and let loose on karaoke or relax under the dimly lit glow of lanterns and catch up with friends. Whether you’re trying to break into the industry or just ready to have a good time, our historic bar is the place to be. As a pioneer of the L.A. bar scene, Residuals has been a staple spot for the neighborhood since 1986. In a city where new trends come and go, our classic bar will never go out of style.


Established in 2014.

Residuals Tavern opened as Re$iduals in 1986 as an industry hangout. After 4 owners and a run as an Irish bar, Residuals Tavern has come full circle. Owned and operated by actors, comedians and musicians, Residuals Tavern is a perfect break from the hustle and grind of Hollywood. No matter what industry you are in or are trying to break into, Residuals Tavern is a welcoming location for all to relax and enjoy themselves. We still honor residual checks! If you have a residual check for less than a dollar, bring it in, we will buy your second beer, wine, or well drink!